Friday, January 28, 2011

A New Blog!

I decided to start a new blog!  Go check it out, be a follower and see what I see and hear!

Please continue to set your intentions, KNOW you will get what you need and want if it's for the good of all concerned and NEVER lose faith in the Universe and God to do what is good and right for YOU!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Cleaning My "Closets"

Recently I went through my clothes closet and took out everything that I felt didn't fit anymore. Shirts, pants, dresses, shoes and purses all were given away to clients or goodwill.

I parted with things I had been holding onto for a very long time in hopes that "someday" I would wear them again, that things would change and they would become a part of my wardrobe again. Most of these things were very out of fashion and it would take another 20 years before they would be back in fashion. Some just weren't the right size anymore and probably never would be. Was I willing to hold on and wait the 20 years to wear these item again or hope to gain or lose the weight to fit into some of them? The answer, as you may have already guessed was NO, so away it went.

But here is the funny thing. As I was "cleaning out my closets", I was also "cleaning out my heart and soul". I was questioning the things in my life that did not "fit" anymore and seeing if I really was willing to "hold onto" stuff that no longer enlightened, enhanced or was in "fashion" for the person I had become as a result of my journey of the last few years. Was I willing to wait for them to "fit" again, or trust the Universe and God enough to know that what was moving out of my life was for the best and for the good of all concerned? Well, if you know me from this blog, you know I could not do anything other than TRUST!

I have changed, and with that change other changes have had to happen. No longer does any negativity in my life "fit" me. No longer do I read the paper/watch the TV, buying into a world that seems to only be filled with troubles, and never anything positive (or so the media would like me to think)! I like peace and quiet that "not knowing" what is happening in the world affords me. I enjoy my time alone for reflection and spiritual growth. I like seeing the world as a "good" place and setting INTENTIONS everyday so I can bring all the good the Universe and God has to offer to me. I enjoy a good laugh, a good conversation that makes me think about myself and I now stop to see the things in others that are a reflection of myself that either needs improvement or enhancement. My "closets" now have a mirror and what I see reflected in it are things about others and myself that are looking back at me for my learning and growth.

And the things that didn't fit in both "closets"? They are gone, either to someone who needed them more or would enjoy them better than myself, or to a place where they will be a better "fit" in the long run for all concerned. You may ask how I could "let go" of some of the things that were so comfortable to me or that I knew exactly how they would fit or work in my life. Letting go turned out to be the most enlightening and spiritually fulfilling thing I have ever done. Will I miss my "old things"? I can honestly say that I will look back at them with respect and admiration, but will never regret that I let them go because I TRUST the Universe enough to know that it was time to "let go" of the things that didn't "fit" in my life any longer.

Am I done cleaning? Not by a long shot, but the one thing I can tell you is this: Each time I do this I have found out a little more about the person who is Linda and this knowledge and enlightenment is a mighty powerful thing! ;o)

Here is a new blog I started, go check it out!!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Walking The Talk

A little while back I had a friend of mine ask me if I walk the walk on the things I talk about in my blog. She wanted to know if I really believed in INTENTION SETTING and if I was as spiritually centered as I seemed to be. I gave it some thought and these are the things I told her I believed about myself and walking my talk:

1. If I talk the talk I need to be able to walk the walk. I am writing this blog to help as many people as I can. I give psychic advice almost everyday to many people who I feel believe in my gift and knowledge. If what I am writing or saying is nothing but empty words without my own conviction and application in my own life backing them up then they are just wasted words that will eventually mean nothing. I have to BE what I say and ACT the words I speak.

2. I can not be a teacher unless I am willing to learn about myself from the people who seek to learn from me, AND I am willing to apply those lessons to my own growth. If I am not growing how can I point out to someone that they need to do x y or z to grow. If I'm not willing to do x y or z to grow and can be a living example of how a positive spirit works, I can never expect anyone else to learn from me.

3. When I say I believe in blind faith and positive INTENTIONS, I am saying that I KNOW what I need will always be there for me if it is for my good and the good of all those concerned and I am willing to work at it to get what I need. If I do not have this then telling someone else they need to have it is just lip service. I have to "live" my faith in my Universe and God for it to happen for me and for others to be inspired enough to want the same for themselves. I AM either a living example of how to set the RIGHT INTENTIONS and how to go after them, or I am a lie. I can never be both with a balanced spirit.

4. I TRULY believe in INTENTIONS. I know that whatever my intention for something is, good or bad, that intention will be heard by the Universe and God. When I whine, I get whining in return. When I bitch and complain that my life isn't as good as the next person's life, I receive nothing to make my life better or I'm blinded to see how I can make my life better.

5. When I see my cup overflowing, that my life is just as it should be at the moment with everything I need in it, and I seek the positive in all situations and remove myself from the negative that can bring me down and suck me in, then I am at peace with a balanced spirit.

And only then can I continue to talk the talk........because I AM walking the talk!

Monday, June 7, 2010

What Energy are YOU Attracting?

Recently I was at a Minor League Baseball Game and found myself getting very angry and annoyed. I had been looking forward to this game for weeks! I love baseball, of any kind, and Minor League is always a lot of fun! The mascot, the cheering, the food, I love it all. Heck, I even cheer for BOTH teams! LOL So, why was I so angry and annoyed?

Everything it seemed was bothering me that night. The crying kids, the parents ignoring them, the people standing in my line of sight chatting to old friends, the muggy weather, the hard seats.......well I think you get my drift here. I was suppose to be having fun and every time I got annoyed or angry it seemed more stuff was making me annoyed and angry! I was in a catch 22, UNTIL I sat back and started to take a good look at my emotions and what was REALLY going on that night.

I realized, sadly too late, that I had actually attracted and created the energy of all this annoyance and anger to myself, and NOT that anyone was doing anything to make me this way. I had to stop and ask myself what my INTENTION had been in the beginning to start all this.

You see, it started with a child stepping on my toe and then went downhill from there. Did that little kid even know he had stepped on my toe? Of course not, he was too excited about being at the game with his parents/friends. But what happened is when I decided that this child was rude and inconsiderate I created a negative "vibe" and I set an unconscious INTENTION of NOT having a good time because of my annoyance from having my foot stepped on. This in turn started to attract anyone and anything that I would find annoying or that would anger me. The 2 guys chatting it up during the first inning of the game, causing me to miss a few good plays. The humidity. The little boy in front of me crying for what I thought was no reason at all. The little girl and her mother whining at each other over the french fries. And on and on it went. All through 7 innings of the game!

Then, by some miracle, the last 2 innings got so much better because the antagonist seemed to have gone away. But, looking back, no one went away. In fact they were still there, but now I had focused my energy and set an INTENTION to enjoy seeing the end of the game, watching the crowd, and looking forward to the fireworks afterward. With this INTENTION I started creating a positive "vibe" around me and this, in turn, created positive energy to be attracted to me. Everything seemed to settle down. And for once during the game I started to relax and enjoy myself. The kid in front of me turned and smiled at me. The mom and daughter whining about the french fries started telling jokes that got me to laugh, AND the guy who had caused me to miss a couple of good plays in the beginning? Well, I over heard him say how wonderful it was to see his old friend, and he was sorry if he had made the people behind him miss some of the game, but he was glad we were all so gracious about it!

What a waste I had created for myself! I missed most of the game being annoyed or angry, when all I had to have done was set a positive INTENTION to enjoy myself, laugh about the little boy who had stepped on my toe, and actually see his excitement and grab some of it for myself and all would have been great!

I learned a lesson AGAIN! I AM my world and what is in it and around me is of MY doing, not belonging to anything or anyone else. I need to stop and look when something is bothering me to see how I have created it. THEN, I can change the energy for the positive, set a good/better INTENTION so I can attract more positive, have fun and bring more light into MY world.

Next game? I'm going to start out with a smile on my face, a spring in my step, laugh about the little things that could annoy or anger me, and attract every little positive vibe I can to myself to have a great time! I'm going to set my INTENTION to have the best time of my life!

AND I know I will :o)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Keeping "DIS-EASE" Alive

'I had cancer but I beat it'! I love when I hear these words or similar words having to do with any illness someone has been able to heal from. It is wonderful when a person has a struggle with their health and are able to be well again.

But there is something I don't understand about most of these people. When they tell you they are healed they don't just say 'I had (fill in the blank) some days/months/years ago, but I'm feeling so much better and now I'm healed'. No, they usually say this sentence but then go into the whole story from start to finish on what happened to them, and with every little negative detail. Something just doesn't seem right to me about this and I'll tell you why.

If we recover from a dis-ease of any kind, why would we want to continue to talk about the negativity of it, thus keeping it "alive" in our minds? Why do we often relate all the negative parts of the story over and over, feeding it our energy, instead of talking about the positive of the healing that would be better in keeping us healthy? Shouldn't we keep "INTENDING" that we are well and whole by talking about how great we feel after an illness and the positive that happened to get us healed and not about the negative of the illness itself? To me, talking about the illness just keeps it alive somehow.

I was recently in the company of someone who told a group of us that she had recovered from breast cancer, in detail. There was lots of negative, and hardly any positive. I was amazed by her courage, and could understand why the negative of this dis-ease was still fresh in her mind since, I assumed by the way she related every little detail, that this was something that had just happened to her. After she told her story I asked her how long it had been since her surgery and remission. 9 years, she said. 9 YEARS! I was very confused at that point. Why was she still talking about this as if it was yesterday? Why keep feeding it energy to keep it, as I see it, alive? Why not talk about how great she was feeling now for 9 years?

When we set an INTENTION to be well, stay well and see ourselves as well, we ARE well. The Universe, God or H.E. makes sure we get our INTENTION to be the best we can, in all ways. Feeding the dis-ease with constantly talking about the negative of it is like setting the INTENTION that is is still happening and we are still dealing with it. In no way am I saying that we should just "forget" about our illness. Telling our story could help someone else or give someone inspiration if they are dealing with an illness. But in telling the story shouldn't we keep stressing the positive points on how great we feel now and that it's OVER?

If we are here to help each other learn and if in telling my story you learn that we can overcome the bad and have a future where we are healed, won't that give the people we are telling our story to more faith, hope and courage to face what may come down the road? And in telling it in a positive way, aren't we then INTENDING that we are and always will be healed and healthy?

Makes perfect sense to me!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Kid Knows.......IT DOESN'T COST A THING!!

Don't you just love those words!! I sure do! If you look around there are very few things in life that are "free" anymore. You even have to pay for air in your tires at most places now. Amazing!!

But, do you know what doesn't cost a thing, requires no more time than just saying a sentence or a phase, doesn't need to be followed up on, watered, cleaned or messed with, will ALWAYS happen for the greatest good of all concerned, AND is the most powerful thing in your world? I bet you are having a hard time with these questions, but I also bet if I asked a kid they would have the answer in a blink of an eye!

Their answer would be, MAKING A WISH or..........SETTING AN INTENTION! That's right. It's a "set it and forget it" kind of thing that is not only free, it's also so easy kids do it all the time!! Think back to being a kid (hard for us oldie but goodies sometimes, but give it a go! LOL) when you made a wish on a star, caught a "puff ball" floating by to make a wish on, pitched a penny in a well, or rubbed a rabbit's foot to ask for something you really wanted. You made the wish, actually SETTING AN INTENTION, and then you LET IT GO!! You turned from the star, you ripped the puff ball in half and threw it back into the wind, the penny went deep into the well and the rabbit's foot was put away for another "wishing" time. It was free, it cost nothing and it was fun! And the main thing "set it and forgot about it". As kids we just KNEW that if something was right for us, we would have it. And as adults it's good to remember this and have the "faith" of a kid again.

It DOESN'T COST A THING and the most amazing things can happen if you just believe like you did as a kid. So go "make that wish....SET THAT INTENTION" and enjoy life until you get what you asked for. And if you don't get what you asked for? Well, you will have a story about how you got something better, this I promise you!!!

AND the best part DOESN'T COST A THING!! :O)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Today was one of those rare days that I just was not feeling right. I was tired when I awoke, tired after eating breakfast and then it physically just went down hill from there, with a stomach ache and feeling achy all over. I am NEVER sick! I mean, NEVER. I am always healthy because I INTEND to be always healthy, all the time, so when I'm feeling like this I always take the time and make the effort to see what is wrong in my life that is giving me DIS-EASE.

We often encounter people is your lives that I like to refer to as "VAMPIRES". Whenever we are among them they seem to suck the life out of us and we get drained, tired, cranky, frustrated, annoyed and just feel terrible, sometimes even days after being out of their company.

You know the kind I'm talking about: They are always talking about their ailments, their troubles, their problems in relationships, their lack of money, happiness, peace, etc. Yet, they never do a thing about getting rid of the negativity in their lives. They continue to dance the same dance, over and over, until it becomes so much a part of them they don't even realize that whatever they talk about is always a negative in their lives. And what often happens is the more they talk about it, the more they suck the positive right out of everyone around them. And no matter how you try to bring them up they just suck you down. These people don't even realize what they are doing, most times. And sometimes we start to act just like them when we are in their company! It's really sad, but I have learned that I can only be sucked in if I let it happen. It's usually only because of guilt and ego that I stay stuck to them, and because I know this, I can re-arrange my thinking to set an INTENTION that is good for both of us!

I have a very close family member who does this to me every time I am in her company. She is a miserable person who thinks life is just crappy and nothing is ever right for her. I am the total opposite of this and when I'm in her company I feel like I have a ball and chain around my ankle and she is dragging me down to the bottom with her. It takes all my strength to fight off her negativity which causes me DIS-EASE and then it takes days sometimes to come back to being "Linda" again. I have to be around her right now because of issues in her life, but I have now set an INTENTION to get beyond her negative "drain" when I have to see/talk to her.

This is what I did: I set the INTENTION last night that I would be able to take a day just for me. And quickly this morning, the day opened up so I could take the time I needed! I was able to move my appointments around and rearrange the things I needed to do until tomorrow. Plus, I stayed out of contact with this person all day, moving my time to see her until tomorrow when I was rejuvenated.

I then envisioned myself plugged into the Universe/God/H.E. Power Source and I just "recharged"! It was wonderful. I hung out, slept, ate and did NOTHING for the whole day. And every time I started to feel guilty or my ego started to tell me that I needed to be this person's "hero", I turned that thought around with the INTENTION that I was doing for myself what needed to be done to ease MY DIS-EASE and when I was taken care of I would have more energy to help her, if I wanted to.

And then I decided to set another INTENTION. I INTENDED that I would find a way when I am in her company to NOT take on her negativity. I'm not sure how this is going to happen, but because I totally TRUST and HAVE FAITH that a way will be found for my good and for the good of all involved, I KNOW something will come my way to make it easier for me when I'm around her tomorrow. Maybe it will something as simple be the potted daffodils I got for her that may lift her mood and bring a small smile to her face for a while, or maybe something much bigger. But either way I KNOW I will be fine because I INTEND to be, and THAT changed thinking WILL make all the difference in turning my DIS-EASE to EASE!! :o)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


If I had a dime for every time I heard someone finish a wish or hope by saying BUT I would have enough money to be living on a tropical island right now instead of waiting for ANOTHER snow storm to hit!

Often times we are our own worse enemy toward manifesting, usually sabotaging what we want in our lives by following an INTENTION with the word BUT. We say; I would love to have this or that, but...., I like playing the lottery, going to bingo, etc but..... I am looking for a nice partner, but....

When we do this we are setting the stage for NOTHING. We are telling the higher powers that no matter what they do we KNOW we will never have what we want. Every but is a doubt. And with every doubt we move further and further away from our heart's desire.

I have said this often on this blog: HAVE FAITH!! TRUST THE UNIVERSE, GOD OR H.E. TO KNOW WHAT IS BEST FOR US!! Move into a place in your heart and soul where there is NO room for a BUT and certainly NO room for a DOUBT!

If you intend something, BE PATIENT! All things come to us when they are suppose to and if they don't come at all they WEREN'T MEANT FOR US IN THE FIRST PLACE. As humans we become so disappointed when we don't get what we want or feel we need. But (and I say this in a positive way) if we look back over the times we THOUGHT we were not getting anything we wanted or needed, we will see that what we did get was sooooo much better than what we had asked for. ALWAYS!! It has to happen this way because The Universe, God or H.E. NEVER gives us anything less then the best! It's our own perception of what we THINK we should have that is faulty, not what is being given to us.

ASK AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE. It is the law created by a higher power that never knows failure and ALWAYS gives us EXACTLY what we need. Hang out and wait. See what happens. And get rid of the DOUBTS and BUTS!!!

I will close this post with a saying I love and I hope it reaches those who may need it right now:


Stay warm and have fun in the snow!! :o)

Monday, January 11, 2010


HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL!! I hope everyone had a wonderous and peaceful Holiday!

I have been looking around for new blog material to start the New Year off with but for some reason it was a no show. No matter how hard I tried to think of a subject, it just either slipped away or just didn't "feel" right. But this morning I got the inspiration from the strangest place, my wallet.

I have a Capital One credit card and had to use it today for my son. As I was pulling it out of my wallet, the phase from their commercial 'What's in Your Wallet?' came to mind. But, what was funny was that what I heard in my mind was "What's in Your Intention?". And then a couple of more questioned surfaced. Do you INTEND to make happen what you believe should happen? Or do you INTEND with FAITH and KNOWING to let happen what will be right for and is meant for you?

Setting an INTENTION doesn't take practice. There is no magic formula, secret code, or special words. It's a thought, an idea, and most time silent words formed in the mind and heart that has FAITH as it's building block. Now, I'm not talking about FAITH as in religion. I'm talking about FAITH in what you are INTENDING. This type of FAITH is the amazing FAITH that you KNOW your INTENTION will be answered and the same amazing FAITH to KNOW that it will be answered in the exact way that is meant for you.

So, the next time you set an INTENTION ask yourself one simple question....What's in Your Intention?" If you can answer with a clean, clear voice that says FAITH then you have opened the door for everything that is right for and is meant for you!

Monday, December 21, 2009


Setting INTENTIONS for other people is not something we are suppose to do, but at this time of year I would like to set several INTENTIONS for all who follow my blog and anyone who just happens to come across it in their travels to enlightenment.

1. I INTEND that you will have an amazing, enlightening holiday season. May your spiritual growth come easy, but if that is not how it's INTENDED to happen for you then I INTEND that you will have the strength to learn and grow from the adversity.

2. I INTEND that you all will have enough prosperity, in any form, so that you can share with those around you.

3. I INTEND that love in it's wonderful abundance dance around you and in your heart everyday, now and in the coming New Year.

4. I INTEND that you stay healthy in body, mind and spirit, always.

5. I INTEND that you will have NO trials to get through this year, but if it is INTENDED that you do, then my INTENTION for you is that the Universe, God or H.E. gives you all the strength, courage and understanding you need to get you through any trial, big or small.

6. And lastly, but never the least, I INTEND you find peace and happiness in your heart, and that you are able give that peace and happiness to everyone who comes in contact with you.


Friday, December 4, 2009


Recently I received an email from a friend. It was a slam about our country, government and our President. I started to read it but within a few sentences I stopped. I didn't want to read anymore. I didn't want to "buy into" the negativity that was to me a disrespect to the place I live and the people I have faith in that would make my country the best place for me to live. Maybe the mistakes of the past will take sometime to heal. Maybe it will be a hard road and I will have to learn to live a little different than past years. And maybe with a little faith all will right itself in what I still think of as the most wonderful country in the world. I kept thinking that it was no wonder the rest of the world disrespected us when we showed no respect ourselves for our country and leadership. I decided I wasn't going to "buy into" the negativity anymore. I was closing the door and saying NO MORE! I wasn't going to "buy into it" because if I believe all the stuff I was reading I knew I was going to make it my reality.

I realized that part of my INTENDING everyday includes seeing the best around me, looking for the blessings and staying within the most positive of everything around me whenever I can. I also realized that to do this I needed to stop "buying into" negative opinions and making them my own. So I decided to add another INTENTION everyday to my INTENTION LIST. It was the INTENTION that I would only trust my own opinion and go from a place in my soul that knows I am creating the world I live in, how I choose to live in it, and it is not my business what others think, nor do I need to make it my business. And even though I may honor other's opinions, I would not "buy into" them anymore, but would see MY world from my own opinion alone.

I wrote a reply email to my friend, plus everyone else on my buddy list asking them NOT to send me any emails that would be damaging to my image of America, our President and Government. The response was not what I expected. A few defended the email, others said they would stop sending them to me, yet what was most surprising was how many friends agreed with me! And it was not my "opinion" they were agreeing with, but the fact that they too were tired of our fellow Americans negativity to America. And some were even talking about setting an INTENTION not to "buy into it" anymore.

How wonderful is that!!! :o)

Monday, November 16, 2009

The Evil We Know?

I have a habit of using the term "The Evil We Know" when I am trying to make a point with one of my clients or friends about changing something in their lives. I am referring to the stuff (evil) we put up with because we don't want to take the time or put the effort into solving a problem or changing something in our lives even if it is always causing us discomfort. It's far simpler to just keep doing it the way we always have.

I'm sure you all know what I'm talking about here. We go on and on about the same issues, continue doing the same things over and over, trying to solve the same problem in the same way we have done a zillion times. And then we wonder why we are STILL getting the same results.

Why do we do this? Because it's comfortable, it's predictable, it's easier, it's "The Evil We Know" and changing it is far too troublesome. Or is it?

Here is the funny thing. It really only takes one step to solve a problem...the INTENTION of how you want that problem to be solved and changed, coupled with faith and a little effort to put yourself in the best possible position for that change to happen and if that solution and change is exactly what needs to happen in your life, IT WILL HAPPEN! Really very simple!!

So let's ask ourselves this question next time we are trying to solve the same problem the same old way: Do we really want to stay in "The Evil we Know" because of comfort and ease or do we want to put a little time, effort and INTENTION into finally solving the problem? Sounds like a no brainer to me!! :o)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

3 A DAY or MORE!

Every morning, right after waking up, I have my routine, like most of us do. Some people plan their day in their heads, some talk to themselves about problems and possible solutions, still other hop out of bed and get on with their day, no thoughts at all. Me? I wake up, open my eyes, look out the window to judge the weather, stretch, pat the dog, think about what I have to do for the day, and then I do something I have done for the last 3 years. I set these 3 INTENTIONS:




These 3 things are my INTENTIONS and keep me in the right frame of mind for my day ahead. Sometimes I add other things. Maybe the INTENTION to find the right dress in the next couple of days for the upcoming wedding I am going to. Or that I will find a Turkey Cell Phone Charm for Thanksgiving (on another quest again! LOL). Or that I just have a great day, period. But always, I say my "routine" 3 INTENTIONS, everyday.

And do you know what? I haven't been sick in so long I can't remember, I ALWAYS have all the money I need, everyday, and I have so much to be thankful for that every time I say thank you I keep getting more to be thankful for!!!

It's just amazing!!! But the best thing about setting my INTENTIONS is that I have found it has brought me so much faith in the Universe, God or H.E. and myself that doubt is almost a total foreign emotion for me anymore. I TRULY believe I have it all, and in my eyes, I DO!

So, how about giving it a try; set some INTENTIONS (or say prays if that feels more comfortable) for the next week and then let me know what happens. I think you will be very amazed what will happen if it's for your good and those around you, I promise!!

Friday, October 23, 2009

The QUEST!!!

For the last 2 weeks I have been on a quest. Some people go on a spiritual quest, looking for peace, happiness or sanity. They may go out to the desert, some deep into the woods, or high on a mountain, and still others go to a cottage by the beach. Then there is another kind of quest we may go on. The quest of looking for the "perfect" gift, dress, etc. We go to the Mall, Department store or Discount store in our search. And we all go for the same reason, either spiritual of find something we need or want.

My quest began by going to every craft store, flea market and dollar store I could find. My quest? A Halloween cell phone charm. Cell phone charms hang from your cell phone as a decoration. In my case, not only do they decorate my phone, but they make me smile. Would this charm bring me peace, happiness or sanity? Not at all, but like I just mentioned, it would make me smile whenever I talked or texted on my phone and that to me was worth all the searching. I have charms for just everyday use and for every holiday, but not Halloween.

Now, I didn't want just ANY cell phone charm. No, I wanted a pumpkin, ghost or witch and it had to be glass. I found one, a sterling silver pumpkin, but the price was a little to high for my taste, and it also wasn't a glass one. Also found a one sided one in a craft store, but I like my charms to be 3 dimensional. Found plastic pumpkin earrings that would have worked in a pinch, but they were too big. And thus I kept searching.

Ok, at this point I am sure you are saying that I should have just given up after a couple of days or used one of the ones I mentioned I had found. It was only a cell phone charm, nothing special and really had no purpose. And while most people would have given up after a few tries, I kept looking. I wanted a Halloween charm and I knew that if I put the INTENTION out there and if it was meant for me to have, I would find JUST what I was looking for. I approached finding this charm like anything else I INTEND in my life, with conviction and faith. I knew it would show up somewhere. I kept my "doors" opened to all possibilities and put myself in all the places that would give me the best opportunity to find this Halloween charm.

Well, guess what happened? I got my charm!! Not only did I get a Halloween charm, but I got a pumpkin, witch and ghost, all 3 dimensional and GLASS and EXACTLY WHAT I WANTED!!

Here is how it happened: On Thursday I went to a flea market with a very good friend. I still had my eyes open for the PERFECT charm, but I really wasn't thinking about it as we chatted and caught up about our families and what had been going on in our lives since we last met. As we were walking around she mentioned to me that she had earrings that she had made for me for Halloween. I could have a choice of a witch, a ghost or a pumpkin and they were made from glass!! OMG!! All I could think about at that moment was seeing if maybe I could make one of these earrings into my cell phone charm. I was so excited!!! Now the only thing I had to do was pick the witch, the ghost or the pumpkin and see if they were the right size for a charm.

We went back to her house and she brought out the bag of earrings. The glass bead figures of Halloween on these earrings were the perfect size and EXACTLY what I wanted!! Now, here is the best part! As I stood there trying to decide which I wanted; the witch, the ghost or the pumpkin, my friend takes a small baggy and puts a pair of each into it. 'Here, take one of each'! OMG!!! I gave her a big hug, thanked her and left to go home.

Driving home I realized that I had MANIFESTED EXACTLY what I wanted. I was open to anyway I was to get this Halloween charm. I put myself in all the places that could possibly be a way to get it AND I had all the faith and conviction that if it was meant for me to have it, I would find it. Then I just let it go. I let the Universe, God or H.E. do what they do so well and it was literally handed to me when I least expected it. The best part of all this is not only did I get A charm, but I got 3 different ones!! How truly amazing and wonderful is that!! :o)
PS....Thanks Annie for being a part of my MANIFESTATION!

Friday, October 9, 2009


Just today I had to go on a short adventure about 1 1\2 hours from my home. I got into my car, started down the road, looked at my gas gauge, looked at the clock, realized I was running late, and decided I would be fine with the 1/4 tank of gas I had as long as I remembered to buy gas before the return trip.

I went about my business, got to the place I needed to go with a few minutes to spare, did what I had to do and hopped back into the car for the drive home. Yup, you're guessing right. I FORGOT to buy gas before heading onto a major highway to get home. Within 2 miles of being on the highway I look down and see the little yellow warning light on the gas gauge telling me I was on EMPTY. OMG, what do I do now? The next exit was 5 miles away and the sign I just passed said the bridge on that exit was out and there would be a detour. I was not at all familiar with the area I was in, and that meant I would have to drive probably another 5 or so miles to the next exit. I started to panic. I'M GOING TO RUN OUT OF GAS, BE STUCK ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD AND BY THE TIME AAA CAME TO GIVE ME GAS I WOULD THEN BE STUCK IN RUSH HOUR TRAFFIC!!!

At that moment, right after those thoughts formed in my mind, I stopped. Wait, what kind of INTENTION was I putting out there at that moment? My thoughts/intentions were running in such a negative pattern that I knew if I continued I would SURELY be stuck on the side of the road, out of gas, etc. I would surely MANIFEST all these fears.

I took a deep breath and on the exhale started to say these words: "I have more than enough gas to get me to the next exit where I will find a gas station to fill up for my return home". I repeated these words, over and over. I said them with faith and conviction, knowing I would have enough gas to find a gas station at the next exit and all would be well.

As I was saying my little "INTENTION" mantra, I eyes kept going to the gas gauge. OMG, it started to move!! Just a little, but enough for the little yellow light to go out!! The needle was now above the empty line!! I finally got to the next exit pulled off and came to a traffic light. Do I make a right or left turn to find the gas station? I took another deep breath and listened to my soul. Go right, it said. I listened knowing that if I was wrong I still had enough gas to back track and find the gas station. I looked again. The light was still off, the needle on the gas gauge was still above the empty line.

The light turned green, I made the right turn and there was the gas station!! As I pulled up to the pump, and started to turn the car off I looked down once again at the gauge. The light was still off and the needle was still above empty. I greeted the attended, filled up the tank, and got back on the highway again, heading home. I looked at the clock. I was still in great shape to beat rush hour traffic, even with my stop for gas. That is when I broke out laughing!!!

Some will say that I went down/up a hill and moved the gas enough to make the needle register above empty. Some may also say I have a reserve tank that I don't know about. And still others will say the light probably was never on and I was looking at the gas gauge from a different angle then usual and that is the reason it looked empty.

I say it was my setting the INTENTION that I had enough gas and all would be well, instead of setting a negative thought pattern, that helped me to MANIFEST just what I needed at that moment; enough gas to turn off the warning light, move the needle above empty, make the right turn at the traffic light and get me to a gas station. I truly believe that is what happened and that it was the Universe, God or H.E.'s way of reminding me that my faith, convictions and INTENTIONS will always be enough to move mountains, or in this case, gas gauge needles!

Next time you have a similar situation as mine, try to MANIFEST a positive outcome with your INTENTIONS. I promise you it will blow your mind what you can do it you just know you can!!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Judgment? Jealousy? Or Both?

"I think that lady is very sloppy in the way she has been dressing and with all she has going in her life I would think she would take better care of how she looked. After all, she has everything in life, why would she do this to herself?" I found myself saying this once to a friend and was totally ashamed when this friend informed me that the woman had not only lost her husband, but also her job in the last 6 months. It stopped me in my tracks and got me on a path of thinking about how often I have judged other people not really knowing their "story" at all.

After some very heavy thinking and soul searching on my part, I finally realized that I was judging because I was actually jealous most times. I thought back to the lady who in my eyes had everything I didn't have and wasn't taking care of herself or showing the world how wonderful things were for her. I had known of her at a time when she seemed to be on top of the world; great marriage, great job, money, nice home, etc. so when I saw her again after a long time I immediately went to a place of jealousy. She had it all, didn't she? Why would she even think not to take care of herself when she had the world at her feet? My ASSUMPTION that all was so very right in HER world and she had everything I thought I was lacking came from a place of my ego, not my soul. I was immediately humbled. How dare I judge someone on looks alone, their car, house, family, husband and everything else I was jealous of! I did what every one of us does until we can forgot our ego and live through the eyes of our pure souls. I thought I knew what would be better for her or how she should be acting on my ASSUMPTION of her life. I thought I was so right in my ways and someone should point out to her what I thought was wrong with her and her lack of appreciation for what she had in life.

That was the day I decided to live by the words I have attached on my emails: "Don't compare your life to others. You have no idea what their journey is all about". When I started to think this way, I stopped judging and started seeing others through my soul. When I connected with the spirit inside that was my non-judgmental soul, I became happier and more positive. I liked this feeling so much better than the feeling I always got when I was trying to figure out why someone did what they did or looked the way they did or why they seemed to have so much more than what I had.

So every day now when I set my intentions I always include the one I find to be most important right now in my life: I intend to see everyone from a place of my soul, with no ego and no judgement, so I can be happy with everyone and everything just the way it is suppose to be at the moment for me and everyone else.

Try it, I promise it will have an amazing affect on your life. It has on mine!!

Monday, September 7, 2009


WHAT IF? How many times do we do this to ourselves? We make a plan, have an upcoming event, meet someone new, etc. and start out our thinking about these wonderful happenings with a WHAT IF. WHAT IF our plan doesn't go through like we want it to? WHAT IF it rains, snows, for the event you are looking forward to? WHAT IF the new person we have just met doesn't think the same way about us as we do about them? WHAT IF, WHAT IF, WHAT IF!!!

More often than not our human nature leads us down a negative path of FEAR and DOUBT. We tend to see the things in our lives as a problem, or negative, even when we are looking forward to being happy with what is about to happen in our lives. We think about creating such wonderful things for ourselves and then we sugar coat it with FEAR and DOUBT. It is a mind set and unless we decide to change that mind set, our whole life is spent thinking about all the WHAT IFS or negatives that could happen. By doing this we take the creative, exciting INTENTION we first start out with and turn it into a FEAR and DOUBT so large that most times we miss the adventure and journey of getting the positive INTENTION we have set.

Example: We decide to go back to school after many years. We go to the right school, we pick our classes, we do all we need to do to help our INTENTION of going back to school on it's way and when the day approaches we start to spiral down into our FEAR and DOUBT with WHAT IFS. WHAT IF we aren't able to get to class on time, or aren't able to find the right classroom? WHAT IF the teacher doesn't like us? Or the other students? WHAT IF we are the oldest in the class? WHAT IF the work is too hard for us to understand after all these years? Our train of thought goes on and on in this vain until we are so stressed about going back to school we have lost ALL the excitement we had when we first set the INTENTION of going back. We have turned a very positive and adventurous journey into a journey of FEAR AND DOUBT that now has us just plain upset and worried.

So how do we turn this around? It is really very simple, actually. Turn a negative into a positive. Just by saying a positive after we have expressed a negative will set the INTENTION back on track. When a worry sets in, we state the opposite; what if we aren't on time or can't find the classroom? Well, let's set a positive INTENTION here. If that is a worry we will approach this from a positive direction and set an INTENTION to be able to leave our house early enough that if we do run into a problem we will have enough time to set it right. If we walk into the classroom with a big smile on our face and the INTENTION that we are going to enjoy this class, then our positive attitude will surround us and show all who meet us how excited we are to be there. How could the teacher and other students not like us when we are excited and it shows! And if the class work becomes hard, when we have a positive attitude about it we will know that there will always be a solution for this. Maybe we may have to leave this class and take one that is easier, but we will still be learning or aiming toward learning the subject we INTENDED to study in the first place. Remember, everything is done for THE GOOD OF ALL CONCERNED and if we keep this in mind, any class is the RIGHT class!

There is an old saying that goes like this: 'Why worry about a distant misery that may never come at all? Every FEAR or DOUBT has a shadow and most of those shadows are of our own making'. I tend to agree with this and try very hard to always see the positive in every situation that comes my way. I don't worry about the WHAT IFS because I would rather enjoy the adventure of the journey! And I have found that the journey is always fun when my mind is set to the positive! Get rid of our WHAT IFS and replace them with a positive attitude and we too will see the wonder of the journey, with the stress and drama gone! I PROMISE!!

Monday, August 31, 2009


We set our intention, we are clear and precise about what we will have and we tell the Universe, God or H.E. that we will have it and give a TIME for it to happen. And then we wait. And wait. And wait!!! The time comes and goes, and NOTHING!! What has happened? Why haven't we gotten what we have asked for WHEN we have asked for it? Did we do something wrong, not ask for it in the right way, or expected to much?

I will answer these questions through what I have experienced and believe can happen.


The main reason is when we ask for something in OUR time we are setting a limit onto when it will or should happen. We go back to believing that we KNOW when we should have something better than the Universe, God or H.E knows. Setting a time limit or expecting something to happen when WE think it should is actually closing the door to the UNLIMITED possibilities that will happen in answer to what we have asked for.

The timing of everything is set by the fact that it HAS TO HAPPEN FOR THE GOOD OF ALL CONCERNED in any situation. Example: Let's say we have set our intention to have a down payment for buying a new house in 6 months. We set our intention, and we help that intention along when we start to save our money for a down payment. But no matter what we do unexpected issues come up that keep making us use that down payment money. The 6 months are up and yet we still don't have the money we need for that down payment. We feel we have done everything we were suppose to do for our intention to manifest, yet it hasn't happened. Now what do we do?

At this point we will either TRUST that all is being done in our best interest, knowing that the timing is not right for a house yet, OR we will fight heaven and hell finding a place that we can buy just because we have set the time for a new house at 6 months and believe it should be happening as we intended it to. We then will probably buy a house that will not be our dream house simply because we believe that our intention should be manifesting and we didn't TRUST and have DOUBTED that our intention was going to happen. With our free will we have decided that this was what should happen and we made it happen. By doing this, though, we have shut the door to anything else that could have happened and when it could have happened by our lack of TRUST and our DOUBT. Unless circumstances have made us move, by forcing ourselves to find the down payment money to buy a house or buying a house without the down payment that would have made us purchase a bigger or better dream house and doing it at the TIME we decided it should happen to prove to ourselves we can be the MIGHTY MANIFESTOR and not the Universe, God or H.E., usually does not work to our benefit at all in the end.

And the saddest part is, by doing this we may never know what could have happened if we had just LET IT BE!!


The answer to these question are: NO, NO AND NO! We will never do something wrong when we ask for something we feel will be a benefit to ourselves or our lives. Unless there is a negative intent for us or someone else who would be involved in our intention, our intentions will always be answered if it is FOR THE GOOD OF ALL CONCERNED. If buying a house is not good for ALL the people involved at the time we set our intention, then buying a house will WAIT until it is GOOD FOR ALL CONCERNED. Oh yes, we can force the intention, buy a house, but I will bet you no one will be happy in the long run with the decision.

There is never a RIGHT OR WRONG way to set an intention for anything. Prayer, writing in journals, telling a friend/relative what are intentions are, taking out a full page ad in a newspaper, or shouting it from the highest mountain into the sky are only a few of the ways we can set our intentions. It is whatever works for you, in anyway that we BELIEVE will help to manifest our intention. As long as we are clear and pure in our intentions, then we can never ask in a WRONG WAY.

If we expect less, we get less. Expect it ALL! Expect the BEST! Expect that ALL our intentions will be answered, KNOWING, TRUSTING AND REMOVING ALL DOUBT that they will manifest the BEST possible SCENARIO and TIME that will be FOR THE GOOD OF ALL CONCERNED, no matter how small or grand those intentions may be. I once read something that said: Aim for the moon, if we miss at least we will end up among the stars. I say: Aim for the Universe and trust that if it is where we are supposed to be, WE WILL BE THERE! If not, then KNOW that where the Universe, God or H.E. does make us land will be far better than what we had in mind anyway!!

So....set our intention, keep an open mind to the outcome and understand that the TIME something happens is the EXACT PERFECT TIME it is suppose to happen. Our intentions will manifest at the RIGHT TIME and when it is FOR THE GOOD OF ALL CONCERNED! I PROMISE!!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009


How often have we said: I really would like this wonderful thing to happen for me, BUT I DOUBT it will? I have been guilty of this in the past and I had to learn that TRUST is the greatest manifester of all. Remove the word DOUBT and replace it with I TRUST.

We need to learn to put our TRUST in what is SUPPOSE to happen and not HOW and WHEN we want it to happen. Putting a time limit, saying we don't really think something is going to happen because it hasn't happened when we thought it should (DOUBTING) or being so closed minded to the result that we never think about other possibilities, is the quickest way to stop our intentions before they even have time to grow. Because we may have to wait for something, or it doesn't appear JUST when or LIKE we thought it would does not mean it hasn't manifested itself from our intention. It is just being done the way it is SUPPOSE to be done for the greater good of all involved, even if all involved is just ourselves.

The Universe and God (or H.E. = Higher Energy) really DOES know what is best for us. Example: We all have had a situation in our lives where we thought we wanted or needed something to happen or manifest and it never did, yet something else happened in it's place that was even more wonderful. The funny thing is, after looking back on it we are so grateful it happened just the way it did, and not the way we had thought it should be!

We can set intention, do all we can to help it manifest in the physical sense (writing an email, making a phone call, being where we need to be, etc) knowing that the end result will be EXACTLY as it should be, for the good of all involved and then just LEAVE IT ALONE! Know that when we remove DOUBT and learn to TRUST the process that what is coming or maybe not coming is being done in our best interest we will not only leave the door wide open for ALL possibilities to come with our intention but we will see that having TRUST leaves us always in a peaceful, balanced state of mind.

And isn't being practically stress and drama free because we have learned to TRUST and have stopped DOUBTING the greatest gift we can give ourselves? I think so!!!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Hi everyone! I have started this blog to teach all who are interested in learning how to manifest the things they want in life. It is such a simple process, and it has worked so well for me that I wanted to share it with all of you. It's FREE.....SIMPLE........EASY! It is totally amazing how simple and easy it is once you re-arrange the way you think and the things you say in order to bring in the things you need, want and deserve in your life.

The best way to start this is to learn to eliminate several words from you everyday vocabulary that are negative. We will replace these words with positive vocabulary that will start to manifest wonderful things for you. The process is easy, and actually once you start to apply it speaking and staying positive will just happen without even thinking about it!


REPLACE "TO BE" WITH "I AM".....when we say "to be" with anything, like I want something "to be" right, good, happy, loving, etc., what we are actually saying is you do not truly believe it will happen. "To Be" means maybe, probably, sometimes. When we say "I am" you are telling the Universe and God (or Higher Energy) that you KNOW it is for you and you will have it. '

Example: I AM happy!!! As you say this you become happy because you KNOW you are happy!!

REPLACE "TRYING" WITH "DOING".....When we say I am "trying" to do something, find something, be something, we are always "trying". We have told the Universe and God ( or Higher Energy) that we have to "try" to get it, we don't have faith that it's already here. But when we say I am "DOING" you have set in motion the idea that it is already being done.

Example: I am "DOING" what makes me happy, healthy, loved, successful, etc. As you say this, it is done because you have faith that it is already done.

REPLACE "HOPING OR HOPEFUL" WITH "INTEND"....When we HOPE something will happen, will make us happy, will bring success. etc. we are actually doubting that it will. To hope for something is not the same as having hope. Having hope is faith based, we know it will be done. HOPING or being HOPEFUL is not faith based, it is wishful thinking. But when we say "INTEND" we are saying that it is our "INTENTION" that it WILL happen, and has already happened, not that it we are HOPEFUL that it will happen.

Example: I "INTEND" to be successful at my new job, relationship, family life, etc. The INTENTION is set, the idea is in motion as we say this and the end results, if it is good for all involved, WILL BE as you INTENDED.

REPLACE "WANTING" WITH "I HAVE OR INTEND TO HAVE"....If we always WANT the Universe and God (or Higher Energy) will give us more to "WANT" in order to keep "WANTING". Set your INTENTION to "I HAVE OR INTEND TO HAVE" and it will be yours because you will KNOW that you already have it!

Example: I "WANT" to lose 10 pounds. Well, in order to lose 10 pounds you will have to maintain your extra 10 pounds in order to keep losing it. If you "HAVE LOST OR INTEND TO LOOSE" 10 pounds you have set the intention that the 10 pounds is ALREADY LOST!

REPLACE "NOT" or "NEVER" WITH ANY WORD MORE POSITIVE....When we say I do NOT want to lose my job, be unhappy, NEVER be lonely, sick, unsuccessful, etc. the Universe and God (or Higher Energy) hears only the "lose my job, unhappy, lonely, sick, unsuccessful, etc." part. Since The Universe and God (0r Higher Energy) INTENDS for us to only have the best they only hear the positive of what we are asking for as the end result, and doesn't hear the negative "NOT" or "NEVER" part. In fact, they don't understand the negative "NOT" or "NEVER" so they give us the end result; losing our job, being unhappy, lonely, sick, unsuccessful, etc.

Example: I will NOT be hurt in this new relationship. We have set in motion first the thought in our head that there is a good chance we will be hurt, and we have told the Universe and God (or Higher Energy) that we already "KNOW" the negative will happen by using the word "NOT". Replace "NOT" with a positive by saying "I HAVE A NEW RELATIONSHIP THAT IS GOING IN A GOOD, POSITIVE DIRECTION". By saying it this way you are saying you want the best out of this new relationship and are INTENDING it to go that way, knowing it will if that is how it is suppose to go FOR THE GOOD OF ALL CONCERNED.

So there is the beginning of how to change your thinking to change what you get into your life. All is done for the good of everything and everyone involved in a situation so we also must remember that even if we set an INTENTION it has to "BE FOR THE GOOD OF ALL CONCERNED". Only positive will happen, never negative for "THE GOOD OF ALL CONCERNED". If your intention is not a positive one, or one that the Universe and God (0r Higher Energy) thinks will be positive for all involved, it will be changed to something that is "THE GOOD FOR ALL CONCERNED" as an end result. The right end result is ALWAYS so much better than what we thought was best for us anyway!! I promise!!!